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Looking for a web developer?

There's not much to see here, I like to keep things simple and easy to understand both for myself and my clients, but, if you came across my website looking for a php developer, a web developer, a backend/frontend developer, a web application developer, a full stack developer, some one with the skills below, or maybe someone with over 25 years experience...

Then you are probably in the right place!



  • Zend Framework
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MVC
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript (inc jQuery) / JSON
  • MySQL / SQL
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Source Control (SVN/GIT)
  • Data Processing / Conversion
  • E-commerce
  • A/B Testing
  • Website Search Engines (Solr / Lucene)
  • Code optimising
  • Database normalisation
  • Web Services
  • Web Applications
  • Web UX
  • Code Optimisation
  • API Integration
  • Website Audit
  • Web Frameworks
  • Responsive Web
  • Legacy Website Support/Rebuild
  • Payment System Integration
  • Web Security

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Contact Us

Send us a message using the contact form, if it's not spam, I'll respond when I get chance, if it's for a high paid job, I'll respond quicker.

GDPR rules state I must tell you why I capture your data - It's so I can contact you back, I won't spam you, I won't pass the details on, I'll hold your details for as long as is necessary for us to converse. Details will be held via an email that will be stored in my INBOX until I create a dedicated folder for you. Once you are no longer a client I'll delete it, or I might just delete it anyway. If you do not wish me to hold your details, why send me a message in the first place ?

More Information

The giraffe’s tongue is so long that they can lick the inside of their own ear.

More GDPR (I thought this deserved it's own heading)

Besides the stuff in the contact form, I do collect your IP for evil purposes, it's stored in something called a web server log file, it's stored for 30 days before BOOM! (that is the evil bit, I like to destroy IP's held in logs) I make it disappear into the murky world of /dev/null. Unfortunately though I like to have backups, but don't worry EU citizens, I DON'T BACKUP THE SITE ACCESS LOGS! <GASP>. Lets face it for a site with a single HTML page, I doubt it's even worth collecting logs.

But wait, what about that google analytics thing I see in when I view source... Well if you viewed the source you'd see your IP is anonoymised, and I use a temporary analytics session cookie so you don't get tracked and no personal data collected. I remove the other google analytics cookies shortly after they are set, so if you do return to my website I still don't know who you are!. Basically no need for an annoying popup to say we do like cookies (which I do, of the chocolate chip variety), as there's nothing there that's not required for the site to function.

I definitely don't run a mailing list, from experience that just ends up in the spam bin, so no need for another email from someone who doesn't understand you don't need to ask everyone again if they grant consent if they already gave consent in a GDPR way to start with - after all it's 2 years since GDPR came to life why the sudden rush now?

At least my inbox should be a little less full if they are going to really unsubscribe me, but, just who are all these recruitment companies with my details...